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Student Scholarships


Support a Scholarship, Change a Life!

Thanks to the donors who give annually to student scholarships, AHA is able to provide over $2.5 million in need-based financial aid! 这些捐赠者正在帮助AHA完成其使命,与300多名学生分享我们优秀的天主教大学预科课程. The unique circumstances of these last few years make providing access to AHA even more challenging.

"We hope you will prayerfully consider giving to our scholarship program or establish your own named scholarship, so that even more students may thrive and so that enrollment will grow at Holy Angels!"

如果你想了解更多关于如何通过捐赠给现有的奖学金基金或建立自己的奖学金基金来支持我们的学生, 请阅读以下信息和/或联系杰西·福利'89 (612-798-2621), or Brian McCartan (612-798-2618,

Academy of Holy Angels Scholarships

以下列出的所有圣天使奖学金(除了*St. 约瑟夫奖学金)是通过TADS经济援助计划颁发给家庭有经济需求的学生. The St. 约瑟夫奖学金是一项基于成绩的九年级奖学金,旨在表彰学习成绩优异的学生, 模范行为和对他人的服务.

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通过每年1美元的现金承诺,000 or greater, donors may establish their own scholarship named by the donor and with its own specific criteria and qualifications.

Establish an Endowed Scholarship
捐款人也可以设立捐赠奖学金基金,承诺金额为25美元,000 or more with a cash or planned (commonly in the form of a will or an estate) gift. 这些资金由圣天使投资,从这个基金的收益提供奖学金给美国心脏协会的学生永久. 了解更多支持AHA的不同方式.

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