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Social Studies

Mr. Werle Social Studies

The Holy Angels Social Studies Department offers a wide selection of academic courses and experiences designed to help students acquire the knowledge and skills demanded by an increasingly interdependent world. Students are challenged to analyze, evaluate, and fully comprehend the many complicated factors that shape individuals and the larger communities to which they belong. We encourage our students to both respect tradition and continually seek opportunities to inspire positive changes locally and globally.

Department Outcomes:

Within the Social Studies Department, students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate understanding and respect for all cultures and peoples.
  • Acquire an awareness of the global interdependence of all peoples and nations.
  • Develop skills to evaluate with competence social, economic, political, and cultural systems in the U.S. and other nations.
  • Develop knowledge, insight, and positive attitudes toward citizenship, change and community involvement.
Classes Social Studies

Social Studies Courses



AHA's Program of Studies is a comprehensive course catalog with a description of the school's requirements for graduation and for student honors. 

Please reference the catalog below as it is the official document of AHA. 


Chris DeCrans - Department Chair
Sociology, World History and Geography, & U.S. History

Jeff Hartmann
World History and Geography, Economics, Contemporary World Affairs, & Government

Dave Marshak
Economics, AP Psychology, World History and Geography, & U.S. History

Josh Van de Hinz
AP Government, World History and Geography, & Economics

Steve Werle
20th Century World Studies, AP U.S. History, and U.S. History