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The Science Department at the Academy of Holy Angels strives to develop scientifically literate students through a systematic study of the world around us. Through this, the department hopes to instill an appreciation for the wonders of the world and enable students of all abilities and learning styles to experience success in the science classroom.

Department Learner Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Apply math skills to a variety of science activities.

  • Utilize current computer technology in the science lab.

  • Write a cohesive lab report (technical writing skills).

  • Critically interpret scientific data and observations. 

  • The STEM diploma description can be found in Special Academic Programs.

Science 24-25 class map

The STEM Diploma recognizes those students who have dedicated themselves to mastery of this rigorous course of study and who can demonstrate and apply 21st Century Skills in Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration in the curricular and co-curricular areas.

Science Courses

College Credit

Juniors and seniors enrolled in AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology, can apply for college credit through the St. Mary’s University of Minnesota PACC Program.



AHA's Program of Studies is a comprehensive course catalog with a description of the school's requirements for graduation and for student honors. 

Please reference the catalog below as it is the official document of AHA. 

Vitek Science Lab

Malia Lahr - Department Chair
Engineering and Technology in Science, Pre-AP Biology, & AP Biology

Hailey Fish
Pre-AP Chemistry & Chemistry

Jason Hall
Conceptual Physics, Physics, & AP Physics II

Elizabeth Moravec
Engineering and Technology in Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, & Pre-AP Biology

Sarah Schwab
Biology, Engineering in Technology in Science, & Pre-AP Biology

Andrew Vitek
AP Physics & Biology

Graham Wright
Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, & AP Chemistry